Why is Inclusive Education Beneficial?

Inclusive education benefits everyone, not just students with disabilities. Inclusive education keeps students with disabilities in the classroom with their peers. This benefits students because it creates a culture where differences are less different. Students have their worldview broadened because they see people who are different from them and learn that they have things in common. This also adds accommodations into the classroom that benefit everyone. Students with disabilities in the classroom will have access to aids like visual schedules, graphic organizers, manipulatives, visual aids, and more. These things help all learners, not just the disabled students they were created to help. Inclusive classrooms also ensure there are high expectations for all. By having students with disabilities learn alongside their non-disabled peers, we ensure students with disabilities are held to the same standards and are not given permission to fail. Students with disabilities in separate schools are often given lower standards to meet when they could be just as successful as typical students.