UNICA meets with UNCity team in Copenhagen – Denmark

Last Friday we took part in the UNCity staff bar in Copenhagen. It was enlightening to see and interact with over 200 people from different UN departments who came to support UNICA. Meanwhile, 6 youth leaders leave Denmark to implement what they gathered during their one month training in Denmark by DUF. Watch this space for more as we talk about our work in Zimbabwe with MS – Action Aid on the 21st March in Copenhagen.

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Working with people with disabilities

We continue to work in collaboration with Ministry of Social Services and the Victoria Falls Child Protection Committee to improve the lives of disadvantaged groups. Last week we facilitated a donation of clothing materials for 19 disabled community members. We would like to thank Edgars Stores Ltd. for their kind donation. There is nothing as fulfilling as ending a day by putting a smile on the faces of those in need. See pictures below!



UNICA receives children supplies from Victoria Falls Safari Lodge

UNICA has recently received donated supplies from the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge. These items are intended for the children most in need, in and around Victoria Falls. Items received include indoor and outdoor play materials (puzzles, coloring pens, note pads, skipping ropes, tennis balls, rugby balls etc.), bags, clothing, pens, pencils, sanitary pads, soaps, tooth paste, just to name a few.12072663_462969820570791_6556614282655491200_n-1This donation comes at a time when kids are returning to school and are in great need of such materials. These materials will be donated to children in Sidinda, Mabale and Chidobe rural wards. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Victoria Falls Safari Lodge for the kind gesture and for remembering the children in need behind the scenic Victoria Falls waterfall. Together we can make a difference!



“UNICA is entering into a partnership with the International Medical Cooperation Committee (IMCC) from Denmark and the Zimbabwe Medical Students Association (ZIMSA) from the University of Zimbabwe. The primary goal of this partnership is the implementation of a sexual and reproductive health and HIV/AIDS education programme targeting children and youth in Hwange District, which will commence in the second half of the year. The programmes goal is to lower the prevalence of HIV in targeted communities as well as increase knowledge in sexual and reproductive health issues. For more information, please kindly take 2 minutes to watch this video explaining the project.”

UN City Copenhagen continues to support United Children of Africa

UN City in Copenhagen has chosen United Children of Africa to receive the profits from their monthly staff bar. A big thanks to staff at UN City Copenhagen, especially Morten Sanderhus and Cillian O’Caithail for organising to donate the proceeds to children in Zimbabwe and for running the bar on the night.

Through the UN Staff Association in Denmark, Mortem and Cillian organised the donation to UNICA’s programmes. We thank them deeply for their efforts. The donation will go towards sustaining the vital, daily work of UNICA with children in and around Victoria Falls in Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe. It has assisted with new projects such as constructing the new Child-Friendly & Women’s Centre in Sizinda.

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