Fireman John Twilley visits the Child-Friendly Centre

For the past week children and youths have continued to come to the Victoria Falls Child-Friendly Centre in large numbers, almost 50 a day. A volunteer named John Twilley has ridden his bike all the way from the UK to Africa and has his tent mounted at the Centre. He has offered his time and services to help the local children.

On his journey John has traveled from Portsmouth, Hampshire and has so far covered ten African countries. Now in northern Zimbabwe, he has been playing with the children at the Centre and reading stories for them. The level of energy has surprisingly increased with a new face at the Centre. It has created a hive of activity as children express a renewed interest in being at the Centre.

John has vast experience in fire fighting, first aid and mechanics. He intends to be at the Child-Friendly Centre for at least one week where he will train youths and staff on basic first aid and fire fighting skills. With numerous activities being conducted at the Centre and elsewhere by UNICA, there is need for staff and young people to gain an appreciation of these skills. It will enable a swift and proper response to any accidents or fire outbreaks at camps, workshops, meetings or during campaign activities.

Thanks John for volunteering your time at UNICA’s Centre. We’re looking forward to the training sessions this week.