First Child-Friendly Centre Update for 2015!

Last week young people in Zimbabwe were preparing to head back to school after the holiday period. In Victoria Falls, several extracurricular tutorials took place at the local UNICA Child-Friendly Centre to assist children and youths with their learning at school.

A UNICA officer at the centre provides regular tuition for local children and youths, based on the education system’s syllabus.

A range of other fun activities also took place at the centre over the holidays, ranging from children playing with dices, rope skipping, swinging, computer games, while the infants played with toys.

The centre is open from 7:30am to 6:00pm on weekdays. Most children stay for several hours of the day, filling the centre with playful voices and activities, assisted by staff and volunteers.

Meanwhile, construction is still underway at Sizinda where UNICA’s second Child-Friendly Centre is being build, which will also function as a meeting point for local women.