UNICA partners RUFF’s kitchens in a feeding programme

Schools recently opened for the third term. We are proud to share with you our newly launched feeding programme at Masue Primary school. More than 228 children from ECD grade to grade 7 are feeding daily from nutritious mahewu. The project is proudly supported by the RUFF’s Kitchens.

The relationship between nutrition and learning cannot be overlooked in Early Childhood Development Education. Adequate nutrition is necessary for normal brain development, laying the foundation for future cognitive and social ability, school success, and productivity. Undernutrition may influence brain development both directly and indirectly.
• Nutrient deficiencies directly affect neurodevelopmental processes.
• Undernutrition affects children’s experiences and behavior, which in turn influence brain development.

An integrated approach is likely to be most effective for promoting optimal child development, i.e., interventions that combine improved nutrition with other strategies such as enhancing parental involvement, a conducive learning environment through proper structures, quality play grounds and the quality of caregiver-child interaction.