Peer-education programme and community outreach teams

Young people in Victoria Falls have established their own community outreach teams and peer-education programme, working from UNICA’s Child-Friendly Centre.

Fourteen youths meet to discuss strategies against child abuse two weeks ago at the Centre, at a weekly meeting held to discuss social issues. The teenagers decided to work on an education programme to spread awareness on this and other issues in the local community over the next few months. They have since established five community outreach teams and an education programme that includes tackling alcohol and substance abuse. They plan to take their positive messages into various forums within the local community.

Facilitating these discussions were some new volunteers, mainly young adults in their early twenties, who have been helping at the Centre. The new volunteers assisted existing staff and volunteers to supervise children on the outdoor play equipment and with the ongoing extra-curricular school lessons, which help students with their homework. If you’re a young person living or traveling to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, find out how you can help.

The Child-Friendly Centre also hosted a visit from representatives of the Danish Youth Council (DUF), who came to discuss their shared aims and potential projects in collaboration with UNICA.