UN City Copenhagen continues to support United Children of Africa

UN City in Copenhagen has chosen United Children of Africa to receive the profits from their monthly staff bar. A big thanks to staff at UN City Copenhagen, especially Morten and Cillian for organising to donate the proceeds to children in Zimbabwe and for running the bar on the night.

Through the UN Staff Association in Denmark, Morten and Cillian organised the donation to UNICA’s programmes. We thank them deeply for their efforts. The donation will go towards sustaining the vital, daily work of UNICA with children in and around Victoria Falls in Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe. It has assisted with new projects such as constructing the new Child-Friendly & Women’s Centre in Sizinda.

UN City Copenhagen is a huge multi-agency centre that houses agencies in Denmark housing more than 1200 UN employees from UN agencies, such as the United Nations Environment Program, the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), UN Women and many more.

Improving the lives of children in Africa relies on the continued effort by individuals around the globe such as Morten, Cillian, the staff at UN City Copenhagen and their organisations. From those of us at UNICA, thank you and keep up the good work!

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